Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rolando's Supper Club

Having heard tales of a huge serving of tasty prime rib, we decided to visit Rolando's Supper Club in Hennepin.
The restaurant (which I believe was formerly known as George O's) uses the slogan "Home of the Prime Cut" in their advertising.
Dinner is served Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Tuesdays they serve fried chicken and a special, and on the weekend nights they serve prime rib, other steaks, seafood and several other menu items including pasta and chicken.
We took a seat in the dining room, which was without music on the evening we were in, but a few other tables of people kept it from being uncomfortably quiet.
We both decided to order the prime rib ($26.95), of which there were no size details on the menu.
Our meals came with choice of potato, for which my husband chose the house potatoes for an extra $2, bread and salad bar. The salad bar consisted of iceberg lettuce, a three bean salad, which I enjoyed, cottage cheese, pickle spears and beets.
Before we had finished our salads, our friendly waitress was on her way to the table with two huge slabs of medium rare prime rib, nicely crusted with pepper and other seasonings.
These steaks were practically three inches thick, and covered most of a standard dinner plate.
After making a small dent in our meal, we stopped by the adjoining bar for a cocktail. Customers and staff alike were both friendly there, and we learned that the building that houses Rolando's has been around since about 1939.
On our way to the car, we saw our waitress outside who again greeted us and told us to have a nice evening.
The steaks were good, so if you are looking for a huge meal or leftovers for several days after and friendly service, Rolando's is worth checking out.

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