Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Cranwill's Drive-In in Pekin will close for the season in October.

I have irritated a reader due to not approving negative comments on my blog.
I receive negative comments about a business about once a year. This blog has been around for five years, so that seems like a pretty good track record.
The comments run the gamut of our food was raw, the owners did not pay such and such bill or no one in the kitchen is food and safety certified. Most of the comments strike me as coming from people who know someone in the establishments personally who are angry with them. A few are constructive from people who just had a bad experience.
If I personally have a poor experience with a business, I give them a second chance. If I have continual bad experiences with the same place, I will not support it on my blog. But I see no point in posting negative comments about an establishment on a blog called Support your local central Illinois businesses. Even if the bad statements are not my own, posting them is not supportive of the business. There are plenty of open forums and review sites for that sort of commentary.


Gwen said...

Yes, I understand your point. I also believe we should all support our local businesses. I don't however feel it is bad to comment about peoples negative experiences at those establishments as well. Negative feedback sometimes promotes positive changes.

I can promise you that I do not have a bone to pick with an employee of the establishment.

Anonymous said...

Peoria Peepers, I agree with you. There are restaurant review forums all over the internet.Peoria.com has one. Your blog is to support local businesses not run them down.