Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sam's Roadhouse

We had lunch at Sam's Roadhouse this weekend, in the former Cheddar's site in Peoria. Yes, the building has had another tenant since Cheddar's, but it's still the Cheddar's building to me.
When we arrived for a late lunch the restaurant was not busy, but we opted to take a table in the lounge after being given the choice by our hostess, who also dropped of a small bucket of peanuts in the shell.
Our server stopped by and introduced herself as Sam, but I don't think it's her roadhouse. She was cheerful and headed off to get our iced teas while we looked over the menu with country music as our companion.
I ordered the Cajun chicken sandwich and replaced my fries with rosemary potatoes. My husband copied my choice but subbed broccoli.
Our waitress brought a basket of warmed sweet rolls with a cinnamon buttery spread. They were soft, yeasty and tasty.
The sandwiches were not too spicy, with just a hint of Cajun heat, topped with melted Monterey jack, lettuce and tomato and we also had some remoulade to add to the mix. My small side of skin on rosemary potatoes (just the right size), as well as my sandwich were served hot and were enjoyable. Also on the menu is seafood, ribs, steaks, burgers and more.
Our server kept the refills coming and we decided we would much rather come to this roadhouse than a popular one in East Peoria. It's been years since I've been over there, but I would say the sweet rolls at Sam's rivaled theirs and there was no two hour wait involved.
Lunch is currently only available on weekends.

June 2012 — Sam's Roadhouse has closed.


Lancer said...

I had their filet. It rivals any of the fine steak restaurants for less than half the price. A filet,a salad and two sides for $18.99. I'm certainly going back...soon.

Mandi said...

Thanks for reminding me of this place. The husband and I are a fan of the rival, but the wait is so long and it seems so far from where we live. We are definitely going to stop by sam's this weekend!