Thursday, May 24, 2007

Euro Jack's Café

One night after work last week, I met StfRon at Euro Jack's Café. I had not been in this building at 500 Main Street for years, since back in the days of SOP's being there some time during the late 90s.
They've done some redecorating since the SOP era. The floors are done in a charcoal slate tile and the walls have been redecorated; a stone look here, a mural there. I also noticed they appear to be planning to put a nice brick patio/beer garden area out on the sidewalk. Maybe in anticipation of the smoking ban?
StfRon was kind enough to order me a glass of wine before I arrived, the Rodney Strong Cabernet. This is one of my favorites to find on an establishment's menu.
We were a bit hungry, so we decided to try the bruschetta. Euro Jack's version is thick, crispy slices of crusty bread topped with tomatoes, feta, fresh basil and olives, both green and kalamata. It was quite tasty.

May, 2008 — Euro Jack's has closed.


Angie said...

Sully, Mark and all the guys really did a great job with the renovations, don't you think?
Oh. And Rodney Strong-my favorite wine at F.Scott's.

Jeep2000 said...

I momentarily forgot about Sully being involved with the renovations. It's a nice, laid-back place. And I've gotta give them kudos for carrying the Rodney Strong!