Monday, January 07, 2008

The Curio Shop

I remember going into the Curio Shop many years ago, when it was located on Prospect Road in Peoria Heights, somewhere near where Carlson's jewelry is now. My mom was looking at some scrimshaw pocketknives as a gift possibility for my dad. The shop was filled with neat collectibles and coins.
Today, the Curio Shop is located at 3923 N Prospect Road, in the same building as Peoria Pizza Works in Peoria Heights.
The shop is still filled with curiosities, from taxidermy monkeys to coins to military memorabilia. There was also a pretty good selection of tribal art and collectibles when we last visited.
I'm sure this is the kind of place where merchandise changes constantly from visit to visit, as trinkets are snatched up, and new ones are put on display.

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