Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have been to Macomb, and all is Bliss

OK, maybe not all, since the majority of the retail establishments on the square were closing their doors at 5:00 on a Saturday. Not that a lot of smaller towns are any better, though.
We did manage to dart into a boutique called Bliss shortly before 5:00.
Bliss, located at 133 S. Randolph in Macomb, carries a sampling of trendy tops, jeans, accessories and shoes for women.
I snagged myself a new long sleeve American Apparel t-shirt, which is something I certainly would have bought from the brand's web site, but this way I was able to save on shipping, and see the real deal, instead of looking at a tiny web site photo to make my selection. I was glad to see Bliss was carrying the brand.

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Fraochán said...

Oh oh oh I love the Bliss! The owner of the store is new....the previous owner sold her biz shortly after becoming manager of Il Spazio's. *winks* I do hate the fact that the square closes so early - and practically nothing is open on Sundays. BOO!