Saturday, January 05, 2008

Redfire Grille

We ventured to Bloomington tonight to check out the Redfire Grille, a family-owned restaurant that opened about a year ago.
Redfire Grille, located at 1605 South Morrisey Drive, serves a wide variety of fare.
On a Saturday night, I was a little concerned we might need to see if they take reservations, but when we arrived, we were seated as soon as someone came by the podium. They were not overly busy at 7:30.
We considered selections like the hardwood smoked brisket, cider reduction pork, tender beef with sundried tomato butter and thai curry orange roughy. The menu also features salads, burgers and sandwiches.
We started with appetizers of bruschetta and baked brie. Both were quite good.
I settled on the tilapia florentine, StfRon went with the prime rib, our brother-in-law had the seared sashimi tuna and his lovely bride had the smothered flat iron steak.
The tilapia was served in a ceramic boat, which was piping hot. The fish was smothered with jack cheese, and paired with a vegetable medley. The fish was OK, but I guess a jack cheese is a bit mild for my taste. The vegetables retained some of their crispness, and were very good. I also ordered the soup of the day, a seafood bisque, homemade, which was good.
StfRon had ordered his prime rib medium rare, and asked for a more rare piece when his meal came out. Our waitress returned with the most rare piece they had left, which was also the last piece of prime rib for the night. It was a little late for dinner, and the prime rib was a special feature that night. He said the prime rib was dry, and not quite as rare as he had hoped for.
The smothered flat iron steak was said to be very good, and it did look tasty.
We also partook of some desserts. I couldn't resist trying a gelato, and went with the coconut flavor. The gelato was creamy, filled with coconut shreds, and the coconut flavor was not overpowering.
StfRon tried the cheesecake, which was OK.
Our companions split the apple crisp, which was huge, served hot in a boat, topped with ice cream and plenty of oat topping. The crisp had a great cinnamon flavor.
I noticed signs throughout the restaurant touting take and bake features, and also live music some nights.
Our waitress did a good job of taking care of us.
I would check out the Redfire Grille again. I'd like to sample some of their other fare.

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