Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Café 401

I recently enjoyed lunch at Café 401, 401 SW Water Street in downtown Peoria.
I pulled up to a parking meter right out front at about 12:45, which still had 20 minutes on it. Little did I know, my meal would be so quick, another dime probably would have covered me.
The building has a nice urban vibe, and dining in, I almost felt like I was in a big city.
Perusing the board over the counter, I noticed that Café 401 also serves breakfast, and the selection looked nice. Plus, they had cookies, muffins and a full coffee bar, including some daily brews to choose from.
The sandwich menu includes items like a Tuscan chicken sandwich, reubens and more. They also feature homemade soups and even carry Butch's pizzas.
I went with the albacore tuna salad sandwich on wheat bread, priced at $5.50, which included a bag of chips.
My sandwich was ready fairly quickly, and this was the best tuna salad I've had in quite some time. The mix included carrots and raisins (the latter I could do without, but they were not overwhelming) and had a nice sweetness to it, which tasted like honey. The wheat bread was fresh, soft and thick.
With time left to spare after this tasty meal, I wandered through the building a little bit, doing some window shopping, and was pleased to notice that White Buffalo, the shop that used to be across the street from Café 401 (I have blogged about it before), is now open in the 401 Water Street building.
I will keep Café 401 in mind for quality food and a quick meal, especially when I need to make those State Street post office runs!

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