Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round up

Recently I've enjoyed dining at Thanh Linh (diggin' the new paint job!) in Peoria; Cyd's in Peoria Heights, which was packed with a party of gents; and Bernardi's in Washington, where I sampled the new fried zucchini, breaded in the same batter they use for their fried chicken (mmm!).
I noted the closure of one of our favorite lunch spots, Euro Jack's in Peoria, and the fairly new Basil's in Washington, with some concern about the future of more local favorites with the economy being what it is right now.
But, on a positive note, we learned that Sully is planning a new restaurant venture in Peoria Heights that we look forward to checking out, and also learned of the possibility of a new locally-owned restaurant expanding to the Shoppes at Grand Prairie.

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