Thursday, May 01, 2008

Round up

Last weekend we stopped by Water Street Wines in Peoria to try the cheese fondue. It took about half an hour to heat up the cheese at our table, but since we were sharing a bottle of wine with good company, the time passed pretty quickly. A couple of us were set on trying the Aztec style dessert fondue, but a while after ordering it we were told there was no cayenne in the house, so we decided to go with caramel instead.
This was our second visit to the café, and they were doing a pretty good business on a Friday night.

I've also heard that the River Station in Peoria is going to start serving fondue. I'll have to check that one out, too.
Speaking of the River Station, looks like we're on again for Mother's Day brunch. I'm glad, because I've been looking forward to trying the brunch for a long time.

Recently I had occasion to do some traveling and had a top notch meal at the Great Waters Brewing Co. in St. Paul, MN.
I have been to many brewpubs since they started gaining popularity sometime in the 1990s, and recall how creative the menus would be at the pubs. It seems like over the last five years or so, the popularity and the food selection has worn a bit thin, but Great Waters gets high marks from me.
There were numerous specials available that night, rattled off without a glance at any notes by our waitress. I was going to just get a sandwich of the menu, a grilled chicken with green apples and brie, but the roasted pork tenderloin with a portobello mushroom reduction special sounded too good to pass up.
The dish was wonderful: tender, juicy pork topped with a rich, thick mushroom sauce I can only wish had topped my last Schnitzel I had at a German restaurant. The meal was accompanied by two rounded scoops of wonderful spicy herbed mashed potatoes and some crisp, colorful fresh vegetables.
The brewing company also features some cask conditioned ales to compliment your meals. The process is popular in England, and the beers are served pulled from the cellar and served at around 52 degrees.

Today I have some local lunch plans, and this weekend we're off to our home away from home in Wisconsin. If I can squeeze it in before we go, I'd like to hit the Perfect Pear boutique in Peoria Heights as I know they're having a sale starting today (through Saturday) and I would love to pick up a new shirt, pair or pants or some shorts.


Mazr said...

Water Street is our new favorite place.

Thanks for the heads up on the half price G.C.

Great site.

Jeep2000 said...

Thanks for letting me know!
Actually, we were there using some half price certificates that night, too.