Monday, February 16, 2009

Country Diner

Last weekend StfRon and I were debating where to have a nice Sunday breakfast on our way to one of the downtown hospitals.
Somewhere in East Peoria or downtown was the ideal plan.
I thought of the Country Diner, 3625 E Washington Street in East Peoria, which we had checked out a couple of years ago.
We took a seat near the kitchen, as the restaurant was doing a respectable breakfast business, and looked over the menu.
On the side of the building is a sign touting Smoked Tennessee Country Ham, so I was looking for a meal that included some of this prime pork. I settled on a combo with scrambled eggs, a biscuit and gravy and some ham. I didn't realize the meal also came with fried potatoes.
StfRon also ordered some biscuits and gravy and some corned beef hash.
Enjoying some orange juice while I waited for our food, I decided that the mauve-hued walls were almost precisely the color of braunschweiger. I do love a nice helping of braunschweiger from time to time.
I also noticed that the restaurant offers pies to go by advanced order, and lunch specials during the week. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch only.
Our meals arrived shortly and we dug in. The homemade biscuits were a nice touch, and my ham was mouthwateringly good. The potatoes were a bit greasy for me, but I had plenty to eat after having just of few of them anyway. StfRon really enjoyed the corned beef hash and was wishing he knew their secret.
Service was good and the prices were very reasonable.

Upon arriving home later that day, I noticed that was having a forum debate about the best breakfast in the Peoria area. A few people mentioned The Galley, so we're planning to go there soon to check out the breakfast, but I certainly plan to revisit the Country Diner.

November, 2011 — Country Diner has closed.


Floyd said...

Country Ham?

REAL Country ham??

Omigodomigodomigod.... the only place around here that I've heard of that being served is at Cracker Barrel, and that's not real good, but it will do in a pinch.

I know where I'm going for lunch tomorrow!!

Peoria Peepers said...

So the sign the sign says!
I hope it lives up to your expectations! I know I enjoyed it.
I guess on one of our visits to Memphis I should track down some ham for breakfast.