Monday, February 09, 2009

Round up

Over the last week or so I had lunch with the hubby at One World in Peoria; he and I poked around in the Pleasant Hill Antique Mall in East Peoria; took in Taken at Sunnyland Cinemas; enjoyed dinner with friends at Bernardi's in Washington; dinner with more friends at The Lindenhof (German-American Central Society) in Peoria; and had dinner with the gals at the Busy Corner in Goodfield.
Out and about, on our way to a gathering in Dunlap I saw that Chef John's was open for business, despite several for sale/lease signs nearby. I also noticed that there is a new coffee shop, The Bean, open in downtown East Peoria.


Jennifer said...

My husband and I are going to eat at Chef John's this weekend, making sure we get one more visit in before it sells/closes... I LOVE their calamari (usually I'm not a fan) and the spinach salad with the goat cheese, yum.

Peoria Peepers said...

Oh, that reminds me, I LOVE their baked goat cheese!