Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Round up

Over the past week or so we stopped by Peoria Flag & Decorating in Peoria Heights to check out Tiki party supplies; stopped by Smoking Pleasure in Peoria so StfRon could pick up some cigars; browsed through Builders Warehouse in Peoria during their new Sunday hours; I lunched at Sol Azteca in Washington, Hi-Ho Mongolian Grill in Peoria (because...gasp...Yen Ching does not serve lunch on Saturdays??) and Avanti's in Peoria; and we took in one of our favorite live bands, Levee Town, at the River Beach Pub in Rome.

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StfRon said...

I ordered the Mighty Khan! Enough for lunch, and the leftovers fed us both lunch the next day! Delish!