Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lakeview Museum

StfRon and I have been to several exhibits at Lakeview Museum in Peoria during the past couple years.
One of the most fun was Sherlock Holmes & the Clocktower Mystery because it was interactive.
More recently we saw the Ansel Adams display, and also the trompe l oeil paintings.
We'll be out on the lawn of Lakeview September 14 for the free American English (Beatles tribute) concert, sponsored by Ameren.
And don't forget the planetarium. I remember this from grade school field trips.
I also love to take a walk through the gift store because they have some interesting merchandise. Plus, right inside the door of the museum are used books and magazines for sale. You can find a nice bargain here.
Hopefully the new downtown museum will have even more exciting things to entice the public to visit, but in the meantime, Lakeview provides something different to do on a rainy or quiet day.

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