Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smiley's Lounge and Restaurant

A little off the beaten path, in a small town named La Rose, a place named Smiley's Lounge and Restaurant sits right along the quiet Main Street.
A bearded guy named Wes who used to visit the Hofbrau would rave about the BBQ ribs at Smiley's, so, StfRon being a rib junkie, we finally we made the trek to check it out.
Wes was not kidding. The ribs at Smiley's are great, if you like tender, saucy, baby back ribs. A full rack will set you back about $15. They also serve up a great side of au gratin potatoes.
It was several visits later that we heard about the prime rib. It, too, lived up to it's reputation. It's no F. Scott's, but this is a good prime rib at a decent price.
Smiley's is over 40 years old, and has the look of a cozy family-owned place.
They have a full bar, and offer some wine selections. I did have a couple of skunky wines there once, but I'm hoping it was an isolated incident. If not, I'll gladly drink iced tea or beer with my ribs.


Anonymous said...

The last time I went tro Smiley's the food was Terrible.

Anonymous said...

This place use to be graet. However, the last time I was there the food was BAD. It made both myself and the person I was with sick. It was the most expensive/overpriced meal I have ever had. The person I was with called up the next day to complain. This did no good. They do not really seem to care what people think of their operation.

Jeep2000 said...

I haven't been since last fall. Guess I need to revisit and see how things are.

Fraochán said...

Oh no bad reviews! ;)

Having lived in the area for several years - it was usually the "outsiders" who favored the eating establishment. I never cared for the place...but then again I don't care for Kenyon's and they have a steady crowd every weekend. *shrugs*