Thursday, June 21, 2007

No curry for you!

I was enjoying my broccoli chicken with fried rice and crab rangood at Panda House in Campustown recently, when a couple of gentlemen of middle-eastern decent came in to place an order.
They asked for an order of fried rice and asked if curry could be added. The kid darted into the kitchen and came back and said no. The guys asked if they did not have curry, and the kid sort of shrugged. Then one of the guys said, "How do you make curry shrimp, then?", which is indeed on the menu. The kid was obviously a little uncomfortable, and after a couple more comments about curry, the guys dropped it and just went with the rice.
I don't know if it was a little of a language barrier, or just a case of not wanting to customize a dish. Now, curry in fried rice doesn't sound so great to me, but I don't eat curry very often. And I know that the place will make a dish more or less spicy, remove oil and remove MSG, so I'm not sure what the deal was. Maybe they really were out of curry, and it was just lost in translation.


Marc said...

Every once in a while I like to have garlic on pizza. I called Avanti's to place an order and asked if I could get garlic on the pizza. I was told no that it's not a menu option. I asked if they used garlic in the kitchen and he repied yes. I replied and asked that even though it wasn't a menu option could they put some garlic on it anyway since they had it on hand and I would pay extra. He said wait, muffled the phone to ask a super, returned and said no they would not put garlic on the pizza. Well Avanti's lost a sale that night to another pizza joint that would put garlic on a pizza. I guess some restaurants just don't get it.

Jennifer said...

I agree, I think if a restaurant has something instock, then it's a reasonable request and should be accomodated.