Monday, April 28, 2008


Sunday we found ourselves with time to stop at Maria's, 306 Peoria Street in Washington, for breakfast.
We drove by at 8:40, only to find that they don't open until 9 a.m. We ended up driving around a bit and coming back around 9:15.
Taking our seats by the window in the first dining room, which looks very much the same as Katie's Café did in the same location, I ordered some orange juice and StfRon went with coffee.
We were given the Sunday brunch menu, which had a handful of offerings.
I decided to have the Grandma's special, since it came with corned beef hash (along with choice of eggs, potatoes and bread) and StfRon ordered biscuits and gravy, and asked for a side of hash to accompany his meal.
Waiting for our food to arrive, it seemed like many of the staff were pitching in in all areas, with some of the kitchen staff coming out to deliver food and help seat customers and take drink orders, while our waitress was spending some time in the kitchen.
While waiting, we checked out the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Maria's offers a baked brie ensconced in puff pastry and drizzled with honey, and also crab cakes on the appetizer menu. Both sound like great possibilities for carryout to take home and enjoy with a nice glass of wine.
Our food arrived in a reasonable amount of time, and we were pleased with the quality of the meals.
Almost everything we ordered was home made, including the corned beef hash, and all of our food was served hot.
StfRon really enjoyed the sausage and biscuits.
Going to the cash register to pay our bill, I noticed snickerdoodle cookies covered in cinnamon, so StfRon ordered one of those for me, and a chocolate chip cookie for him. I ate mine later that afternoon, and it was a nice treat.

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StfRon said...

Blogging in flight? I think not! I'm assured the snickerdoodle made it through the TSA checks?