Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hi-Ho Mongolian Grill

One of the newer crazes to hit Central Illinois appears to be stir fry cooked in sight on grills, such as FlatTop Grill, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, Yamamoto and Hi-Ho Mongolian Grill.
Hi-Ho is located in Sheridan Village shopping center in Peoria. There is also a Quad Cities location.
After you sit down and order your drinks, you can head up to the raw buffet to pick out your fixins. Select your bowl. I always go with the little khan. Starving? Go for the barbarian, which is all you can eat. Be sure to pile your food up high in your bowl, because cooking will shrink it down some.
Choose from an array of vegetables including mini-corn ears, carrots, water chestnuts, broccoli, peppers and more. Add tofu, chicken, beef, pork or seafood. Choose your noodle.
Ladle on plenty of sauce. There are guides to help you with this. It always seems like too much to put on, but once it is put on the grill, a lot of it cooks away.
I always ladle on plenty of garlic, then shake on some sesame seeds for good measure.
Pass your bowl off to one of the grill meisters, and you're set. While you watch, they will masterfully grill it on their large, round grill, and deliver it back to you.
Your meal also includes rice and miso soup.
This is not a fancy restaurant, but it is quick and you get to customize your meal exactly the way you like it.
Find out more at http://www.hihogrill.com.

April 2010 — Hi-Ho Mongolian Grill has closed

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