Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Messing Construction

Looks like we are about ready to make some major home improvements. Yay!
Today we have Messing Construction of Peoria coming out to give us a quote on siding, windows, soffits, gutters and some curved cement stairs, if they do cement work.
We have used Messing Construction for some repairs before. Some genius had built a side porch entry onto our house before we bought it, and had not supported it properly. Hence, this porch was sagging in the outer corner. Messing came in and supported the porch properly from the bottom, and hoisted it back up where it should be.
I'm thrilled with the prospect of new siding. Ever since we bought the house, I've had an idea in my mind as to what this house could be, and now I feel like it's almost within reach. We'll start with a quote from Messing, and get a couple more quotes, too.
Here's hoping the cost is not double what I expect!

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