Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thanh Linh

The first time I ended up at Thanh Linh vietnamese restaurant, 1223 W. Main Street in Peoria, was by chance. We were trying to have a Thursday night birthday dinner for my friend at One World, and to our surprise, the wait was going to be one hour.
We decided to try Thanh Linh, right down the street.
The decor is pastels, and maybe a little bit dated, but otherwise OK.
I ordered pad thai, because that seemed to be the popular choice around the table and I wasn't sure what else to get. The dish was fine, but probably not quite my thing.
Several months later, I visited Thanh Linh for lunch and was hooked. They feature a lunch buffet during the week, with several entrees, appetizers, rices, soups and some dessert items. I have liked every dish I have tried from the buffet, from a chicken lo mein to pork dumplings (good with the brown sauce) to curry chicken to a ground chicken dish with peppers, onions and basil. There are usually a couple of chicken dishes and one beef.
The crab rangoon is also very good, and I try to limit myself to one. Especially because I have to save room for the pudding, a banana tapioca. The first time I tried this, I was hesitant. I do like a good tapioca, but I'm hinky about bananas sometimes, and I could see some afloat in the vat. This pudding tasted awesome to me! It almost tastes like it's filled with banana booze.
There are also some cookie options for dessert, if boozy-tasting banana tapioca is not your thing.

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