Friday, July 06, 2007

Khaki Jack's

I used to hang out in Khaki Jack's years ago, drinking something called cactus juice with a friend of mine. These were the days when I worked on the north end of Peoria, so it was close, and a great place to hang out after work.
I don't make it to Khaki Jack's, 7221 N. Allen Rd., Peoria, as much now, since I've moved across the river, but when I do, the food is still great. Where else can you go for a nice ostrich burger and never-ending galvanized buckets of peanuts on every table?
Khaki's also features more traditional burgers, pizza, grilled chicken strips, a tuna steak sandwich which you can order with a side of olive spread, and a mean, greasy basket of fries. These skin on fries are enough to share, if you're not feeling too piggy.
I also dig the pickles they serve with sandwiches, and the olive spread makes a great topping for the tuna steak sandwich.
It can get pretty loud in there at times, with the high ceilings, but it's a nice, friendly place to grab some grub.

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