Monday, March 24, 2008

Baurer Furniture

I've been on a quest to find a nice floor length, wood framed mirror for our living room.
I had one picked out at IKEA, and hoped I could work it out to pick it up this weekend, but there was no room at the inn once we picked up a mini fridge and stashed it the Jeep.
We decided to see what offerings there were closer to home, and stopped by Baurer Furniture, 1503 Washington Road in Washington.
Shortly after stepping in, we were greeted by a woman who asked if we needed any help. StfRon told her we were looking for a full length mirror, and she said she thought they had one. She wound us through the store into a room near the back where there was a HUGE contemporary mirror standing in the middle of a display. Not quite what I had in mind. Our house is pretty cozy (read: small) and I swear that mirror would have taken up the whole landing wall, and perhaps more.
While weaving through the store, I saw lots of interesting accessories, art and even some great dining room chairs, so I made a point to walk back through another time to have a look. There were a lot of neat metal bikes and cars that would look nice on an end table, great serving trays, and some nice bird accessories, too.
We also checked out a couple of sofas, as we'll probably be looking for a new one in a year or two.
I loved their lodge room display, complete with wood shingled roof, log walls and log railing.
One thing I was glad to see is that Baurer Furniture has U.S. flags printed on the price tags of items made in the USA, so with a quick glance, you can see if your selection is made here.
Next time we're in the market for furniture or some cool accessories, we'll be back.

August, 2009 — Baurer Furniture has closed.

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StfRon said...

I love that they seem proud of the US made items!OM