Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tuesday check in

Gee, it's not even Wednesday yet???
My mom called Monday and asked if I wanted to meet her at Yen Ching in Peoria for lunch, and how could I say no to that?
I ordered my new lunch favorite, the lo mein with chicken, an egg roll and the beef vegetable soup, which set me back $5.15 plus tip.
The only thing I'm not crazy about is the soup, and I found out you can order sizzling rice soup for one for an upcharge (the three soups on the lunch special menu are the beef vegetable, egg drop, or hot and sour, none of which I really enjoy), so I might do that from now on. Sizzling rice soup for one at lunch is not served sizzling, but it's still a good soup.
Yen Ching was a popular choice on Monday, as I saw two different groups of people I know enjoying lunch.

Today I yet again felt the urge to get out of the office for lunch. I thought about going to Café 401 for their great chicken salad sandwich, but changed my mind and headed to the Rhythm Kitchen, also in downtown Peoria, as I had not been there in a while.
There were no specials listed on the chalkboard, but my friendly server came by and rattled them all off without missing a beat. I decided to go with the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato basil soup.
Waiting for my lunch, I enjoyed some blues tunes and caught up on some reading.
I also noticed that next Tuesday, March 11, they will be donating 30% of their dinner food proceeds for the 5th annual Share a Meal with Community Shares.
My grilled cheese sandwich was made with a mild white cheese melted between two buttered and grilled slices of a multigrain bread. The grains gave the sandwich a nice kick.
The tomato basil soup was hands down the freshest tasting tomato soup I have ever had. The soup had a pureed, salsa-like texture and was tangy and juicy, with bits of basil leaf mixed throughout. There were onions pureed in the soup as well, and they also stood out in their fresh crispness.
My lunch, including an iced tea, rang in at $9.30 before tip.

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Jennifer said...

I encourage everyone to go to the Share a Meal event. There are so many organizations to pick from and RK is giving, I think 30% of their procedes to the event. (You get to specify which organization the donation from your meals goes to!)