Thursday, March 20, 2008

Driving me bananas...

This week I stopped in at the Spotted Cow in Peoria for some lunch.
The service is pretty quick there, and I can usually pop in for some carryout or even sit down and be done within 30 minutes or less, which leaves me a little time for shopping nearby.
I ended up ordering one of the specials before I had much time to peruse the offerings; a taco wrap filled with seasoned ground beef and other taco fixings, served with a side of tortilla chips and homemade salsa.
I also ordered a chocolate Coke, and took that back to my table to wait for my wrap.
From my seat, I could see the menu and the rest of the specials, and also had a good view of the pastry case. The fish taco sounded interesting, and I have never had nor wanted a fish taco in my life. I think it was the lime, and the breaded fish that made me think I might give it a try some time.
My wrap arrived, and it was huge, stuffed to the gills with taco tastiness. I ate half of it, and almost all of my chips and salsa.
While I was chomping on the last of my chips, one of the owners and another employee, or perhaps a wife, started taking stock of the ice cream flavors in the case. I really had paid the ice cream no mind, since lunch was my objective.
All of the sudden, a couple of words spoken by the woman stopped me dead in my tracks: bananas foster. What??? I whipped my head around to look at the little wooden cows Velcroed to the ice cream case. It was true!! There, in the last spot, was a cow marked bananas foster!
Bananas foster is my new favorite dessert, and has been for many years now.
From what I could gather, she was saying something about them being able to use up the rest of it in sundaes or something like that.
As I watched, transfixed, the man ripped the Velcro bananas foster cow right off his perch on the glass. The internal dialog started..."No! They're planning to get rid of it and replace it with something else. I should go up and order some right NOW! But wait, I'm so full from my taco wrap. And I already had a chocolate Coke!"
While I still sat, pondering whether bananas foster ice cream could measure up to the real deal, the man placed the cow back on the case. Whew! So there's a chance I could have some another day.
I probably should have broken down and ordered it then, but I was truly so full that I think it wouldn't have tasted that good, and would have made me miserable. If I'd seen it when I walked it, the ice cream would have been my lunch. Heck, I've had worse lunches than ice cream before!
I must say, I've thought of that ice cream at least five times a day since then. It's calling me back...


Heatherrrrrrrrrrr said...

Hehehe. I recently had chocolate cake and ice cream for lunch. I'm so bad! But it called my name.....hauntingly...."heather"...."Heatherrrrrrrrrrrr"

Dining Companion said...

Go for the ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!