Friday, March 14, 2008


Another work week is coming to an end.

Wednesday I had lunch with an old friend at Jim's Bistro in Peoria Heights. I've visited here several times. The place was doing a decent lunch business at noon, and it was fairly noisy in there.
I decided to go the healthier route and forgo my normal selection of the beefeater sandwich in favor of a grilled veggie wrap for $7. This baby was huge, filled with roasted red peppers, breaded eggplant, tomatoes, onions and lots of lettuce. The lettuce was not my favorite since it was warm, but the eggplant added a nice touch.
I had the cole slaw as my side, and it was great: crunchy chunks of fresh cabbage with a creamy coating of dressing.
Service was good, and our drinks were kept filled until we were about ready to head out.

Maria's in Washington is now open. We will try to have breakfast there on Sunday to check the place out. The restaurant is operated by the owners of Maria's in Peoria Heights.

Reading about the Little Chef in the Journal Star this week left me bummed out.
Little Chefs first appeared in the early 1950s.
StfRon and I have gone by and ogled at the coolness of the vacant Peoria location in the past. I hope someone has it moved before the lot is developed. If we had the money, and thought we could get away with it, we'd buy it and park it in our backyard until we found a nice lot to open it on closer to home.
I'd hate to see more Peoria history disappear forever.

On a good note, though, I am glad to hear the news that the use of an existing building, such as K's Merchandise, is being considered for the new library. Kudos to that movement!

Looks like we'll be able to get in a bit of traveling this weekend. I'm looking forward to it, and hope to come back with a nice juicy slice of Americana for my other blog.

March 15, 2008 — We drove by the Little Chef to snap some photos. Looks like someone ripped the character out of the place and covered it in cheap wood siding. Too bad, because this place had some great retro style.

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