Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spa-Tastic Tearoom

My mom and I tried for about a week and a half to meet up for lunch during the week to go to a new tearoom in East Peoria. We finally decided that Saturday was going to work best, and took StfRon along for the ride.
We had a little trouble finding the place, operated by a friend of my mom's. The Spa-Tastic Tearoom is in a spa called Leaf Brook Spa, 2007 Meadows Avenue.
As soon as we walked in, I noticed the soothing decor with the venetian plaster treatment to the walls, black tables and chairs and plum curtains.
We had a seat, and ordered some drinks, hot vanilla tea for Mom and I, and iced tea for my husband.
We were told the menu of the day by the proprietor, and made our selections.
Two of us tried the sweet and sour cabbage soup, and the third ordered the broccoli cheese. All of the soups are homemade.
The sweet and sour cabbage soup was wonderful, filled with sausage, cabbage, and a tart yet spicy red broth.
The broccoli cheese soup was thick and rich.
For our main selection, I had the chicken Caesar wrap, which arrived ensconced in a very soft, spinach tortilla wrap, accompanied by a crystal dish of Caesar dressing.
StfRon had chicken salad on a croissant, and my mom had chicken salad on sourdough.
All of the sandwiches came with chips, either dilled chips or regular.
The presentation of the plates was very nice.
There was no server, and our proprietor was taking care of us on her own, which led to a few delays, but nothing took too terribly long.
The tearoom is booked by reservation, and has seating for about 36 people. They also appear to cater to the spa, as a couple of ladies came in for salads, with freshly painted fingernails and toenails, then tiptoed off for more lavish treatments.
It looks like a fun place to hit with the girls for a day of pampering and good food.

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