Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pet Pantry

Over the past few years, we have transitioned our dog to healthier food.
She used to eat Pedigree dry dog food, and we had switched her to Iams Weight Control dry dog food when, this spring, we heard from a friend about a place that would deliver dog food to our house.
Since we had to go out every few weeks to buy a 40 pound bag of Iams, for about $36, which also involved bringing my husband along so he could heft the bag around, I figured I would check into it.
The Pet Pantry is located in Germantown Hills.
Checking their web site, I found a dog food I thought we could try, the Premium Adult Maintenance. We called and placed an order for 60 pounds at a cost of 82 cents a pound.
We found that they deliver to our area on Tuesdays, and we would need to pay a one time deposit of $15 for our dog food bin.
On that Tuesday, we left our garage open and when we got home there was our bin nicely placed in the garage, our invoice and a few surprises for our dog inside.
She scored some medium biscuits plus some Easter dog treats. We also got a Pet Pantry magnet.
Last Monday I called for a reorder, and we emptied our bin prior to Tuesday's delivery.
We got home and again found the full bin in our garage, with our invoice, and a note letting us know that our variety of dog food was not going to be available in the future, plus a sample of something comparable for our dog to try out. The note also said to let them know if we needed any more samples.
This order was about $52, since we did not have to pay a bin deposit.
The 60 pounds of dog food lasted our 70 pound dog almost exactly two months.
The food is good quality, and is made in the U.S. You can check ingredients on the Pet Pantry web site.
Each time we've talked to the gentleman there, Bill, I think his name is, he's been very friendly and helpful, and we enjoy supporting another good local business.

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