Thursday, June 25, 2009

Supporting independent businesses

Besides the Shop Local Peoria campaign, a couple of other independent support efforts have come to my attention recently.

First I read about Lowcountry Local First and their 10% shift effort, "10% Shift gives us the tools we need to walk the walk not just talk the talk. We are asking all citizens (that's you!) government agencies, local businesses and non-profits to do an assessment of their expenditures and see if they can shift an additional 10% of their annual budget to local independents."
What they are suggesting sounds simple enough: out of every ten times you go out shopping or dining or even looking for service, opt to spend your money at an independent business.
Nice idea, and I'm glad to say I have far surpassed the 10% mark. Granted, I do still visit franchises and chains. Heck, some of them are very good, and nothing local compares to them right now.
But there are also a handful of franchises that have opened in Peoria in the last few years that I have yet to set foot in.

My husband picked up a card this week touting Independents Week July 1-7. The Capital Area Independent Business Alliance's challenge is for you to spend 50 cents of every dollar with independent local businesses.
The CAIBA is working to assist Central and Springfield Illinois areas independent businesses, so this one hits a little closer to home.

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