Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy Corner

On our way to the Third Sunday Market last month, we decided to check out the new Busy Corner location in Goodfield on Route 117. Busy Corner has been serving homestyle food and fresh-baked pies for over 60 years.
I had been to the previous Busy Corner building some eight or nine years ago with friends for dinner. One of my friends worked nights in Bloomington/Normal, and Goodfield was a good place to stop and meet. All I remember from that visit is pie (as in, "Y'all want pahhhhh?").
The building is nice and updated, and outside has some of the same elements as chain restaurant buildings. One thing those chains can't boast, though, is a large Statue of Liberty replica on the front porch.
Inside, the restaurant layout very much reminded me of a Bob Evans.
On this Sunday, a steady stream of tired-looking people filed in, some carrying newspapers to enjoy with their breakfast.
Being we wanted to get on the road, we decided to take a seat at the counter rather than wait a few minutes for a table or booth.
Our server was friendly and prompt. I went for the breakfast sandwich. I figured a little meat, egg and cheese would stick with me longer than some French toast or something along those lines.
The sandwich was good and hit the spot, and after a longing glance at the pie selection, we were on our way.
I'm sure we'll be back many times as we head east for road trips.


Anonymous said...

Gotta do something for Maurie's candies in Pekin. The caramel apples are now available!!!

Jeep2000 said...

Oh, mama...I am there!!!

Jennifer said...

I have never noticed the "busy corner" restaurant. I love those kinds of places, they usually have such good, cheap breakfasts.

Fraochán said...

Ohhhhhhhhh when we could scrap together enough money - my evil sidekicks and I (during our college years) would venture from Eureka College off to the Busy Corner. Ohhh the memories!!!!