Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Fall is my favorite time of year, and Oktoberfests are a fun way to get out and enjoy the fall weather.

One of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations in the U.S. is held in Peoria on the riverfront, the Peoria Oktoberfest. This year set for Septeber 21-23, the festival will bring bands from across the United States, the Peoria area and Bavaria, while celebrating great German food, beer and culture. There is also non-German entertainment planned for the CEFCU stage for those who are not big fans of schlager music.

September 23 brings the Kickapoo Creek Winery's Oktoberfest and art fair. Fall fun at this fest will include hayrack rides, blues music, food, wine, arts and crafts.

Bradford, IL will host another Oktoberfest September 28-30, bringing bands from Wisconsin, Peoria and Switzerland for your listening pleasure, and will be serving one of my festival favorites, pork chops on a stick. There will also be roast pig, hot dogs, heidelbergers, brats, beer and soda.

Furrow Vineyard and Winery in El Paso will host an Oktoberfest September 29-30. This fest will include brats and Oktoberfest wine combined with tunes by Sally Weisenburg and Illinois Brass Works.

So dust off your lederhosen and get ready to raise your stein, or soda, or wine to fall!


Fraochán said...

Wearing lederhosen in public should be against a law....hahahahahahaha!

Henny Penny said...

Someone was just telling me about the Furrow Winery fall festval tonight and it sounds like a ball. It's close by, so hopefully I can make it.

Chef Kevin said...

Willett's Winery in Manito will be hosting an Oktoberfest (in October!) on Oct. 13. Wine, chef Kevin manning the brats\grill and the Ratskeller Brummers providing the music. 12-6 PM

Jeep2000 said...

Thanks, Chef Kevin! Now I know I can carry on my Oktoberfest fun another month. Maybe I will see you there?

Chef Kevin said...

Yep! I'm the food guy.

Kevin Lowe said...

I'm really looking forward to the Peoria Oktoberfest this year. Love that Spaten. Linda's volunteering at the rear gate, so undoubtedly, I'll be hanging out, offering my "moral support."