Friday, September 07, 2007

Ing's Chinese Express

After conducting some financial business a couple of weeks ago at the Sheridan Village CEFCU in Peoria, we decided to go to Ing's Chinese Express in said shopping center for lunch.
Ing's used to be known as Happiness Chinese restaurant in Pekin on Route 29. I had been to Happiness, and recall it as a cute little restaurant with good food.
The Sheridan Village location looks nice and clean, with a more updated decor and art than many Chinese restaurants in the area sport. It also seems kind of roomy, as they have left the center of the room open for a wide aisle leading to the counter where you place your lunch order. There is a row of chairs near the cash register to sit in while you wait for carryout orders.
I ordered the Mongolian beef, as did StfRon. I'm not sure why I did, because I grew up on Yen Ching's Mongolian beef, and none can ever measure up to that for me. However, this was good, with lots of onion slices, served accompanied by a huge egg roll and fried rice.
The food is served in Styrofoam containers, so if you can't eat it all, it's easy to take away.
Did the Mongolian beef beat Yen Ching's in my book? No, but I would certainly have this one again, or try one of the many, many other selections.


Jennifer said...

Where do you think has the best Chinese food in the Peoria area?

As a child we would go eat at the place on University, near Childers, but I can't remember what it was (is?) called.

I take my kids to sushi popo, because my son and I like sushi but my daughter doesn't (as much) and can get cashew chicken.

Jeep2000 said...

That's hard to say. For Mongolian beef, I would have to say Yen Ching. I haven't been to Ming's in a long time, but I always thought they had the best chicken. None of that spongy brown chicken there.
I like the crab rangoon at Yen Ching. The place in Washington, Royal Dragon, has very sweet crab rangoon. So sweet you don't need to put sweet and sour on it, but also so sweet that I can't eat a lot of it.
I have been to Sushi Popo for Chinese, but haven't settled on a favorite dish there.
I think it would be fun to do a crab rangoon tour of Central Illinois and decide who has the best. Would probably irritate the restaurants, though, if that's all I ordered at each place!

Matt said...

My vote is for Sushi Popo. I love that place. I've settled on the General Tso's being my dish of choice there. Their crab rangoon is delish as well...

Fraochán said...

I've had a lot of nasty Chinese food in and around Peoria....but let's focus on the positive's...shall we! :)

Since I can remember, my family and I have been visiting the family owned "Haylomoon Restaurant"....originally next to the old K's Merchandise Building...then next to Monical's in Chillicothe - now in the old Subway Building.....

I really like their food. And they have a small, but adequate, buffet during lunch hour (I think, not sure...only on the weekdays?) for around $4.95. Nothing better then filling up on great food, talking t o the very nice owner, John....and walking out with a bill of $10.


Fraochán said...

Oh...I should add...make sure to pay your $10 bill before you leave.


Jeep2000 said...

Ha! I had to go back and read what you said, if you said walking out ON a $10 bill, or WITH!
Yes, I always liked Haylumoon. I just don't get to Chillicothe very often. And I never realized they were by K's, too!

Fraochán said...

It was many many years ago. It was when we first moved to the central IL early 1990s. It was in the place that is now a family restaurant - in front of what was that adult bookstore. haha. Boy I make P-town sound like a real swell place. ;)

Henny Penny said...

Jeep2000 - I'm getting tons of google hits from doing central Illinois festival posts. It's a bit outside your topic area, but a Peoria area fall festival post would probably help a lot of people find your blog.