Monday, September 10, 2007

Lester's Tasty Donuts

Let's Monday started out with waiting an extra 25 or so minutes to cross the McCluggage Bridge. Yes, I knew work was starting on the bridge today, but I also heard over a half dozen times on News 25 how they were waiting until after the 8:30 morning rush. Wrong.
While waiting in traffic, it dawned on me that I had forgotten to eat breakfast, which I never do. Oh, and forgot to return a DVD rental that's due today.
Though late, I continued my plan of going to Lester's Tasty Donuts on Glen in Peoria, because I wanted to try the donuts and knew they had a pretty nice looking outlet there. Lester's has been delighting donut lovers since 1953 at several Central Illinois locations.
For some reason I spaced out and went down Knoxville. I got near Proctor and realized my mistake. I jogged over on Northmoor and headed back the other way on University to 1401 W. Glen.
The lady who waited on me at Lester's was very pleasant even though her day seemed to be shaping up about like mine. I asked for an assortment of donuts, and she gave me a decent selection from what was in the case. I also noticed other pastries, cookies and coffee cakes.
I headed to the office a bit flustered and proceeded to spill hot tea on myself AND screw up a meeting time.
The best part of my day so far (other than the cheery lady who waited on me) was the donut I selected when I opened the boxes. At first I headed for a glazed twist, but part way there I saw what looked to be an almost bagel-like blueberry donut covered in glaze. I went with it instead, and it was wonderful. Light and cakey, with little blueberries mixed throughout, staining the donut batter purple, covered with just the right amount of glaze. This, my friends, was donut divinity, and my only true pleasure of the morning. Let's hope the afternoon holds more positives.


Goodee said...

I wish we still had those donuts here at work. I guess when you get bought out by cheapsk... I better be quiet. 25 minutes?! You got off lucky. My 8 minute trip was near 40 minutes. I'm buying a helicopter.

Fraochán said...

Oh how I would love to eat a donut. But it would go straight to my rump and grape nuts it is.


Jeep2000 said...

Can't beat cheap donuts/bagels/tea at work. Cheap Sanka is just wrong. You have to have quality coffee, even if you have to pay more.

And I love Grape Nuts! And I eat donuts about once or twice a year. Today I think I deserved one.

Fraochán said...

That's right! You eat your donut! And drink your cheap...I mean...expensive coffee. What is it with the fam and coffee? haha. The better half can't live a day without it. I guess having a coffee addiction is better then a crack addiction. hehe

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm... sounds good.
We had donuts this weekend, apple cider from apple blossom farm. So good.

Jeep2000 said...

Oh, man! That reminds me, it's time for apple cinder donuts! We always get some from Tanner's. OK, I need to change my story, I eat about 8 donuts a year, 6 of which are apple cider!!