Monday, September 17, 2007

Step Back in Time

Sunday was such a nice day, we walked to the square in Washington to do a little browsing.
Generally, not much is open on the square on Sundays, but Step Back in Time is, and it's one of the best shops on the square.
Step Back in Time is a three-story shop filled with antiques. On this visit, we were checking out tables for our home bar that's in the works. We saw several tables with great potential, and even some nice coat hooks. They also had some benches and pews, but they were not quite what I was looking for. I recently bought a "bench" but wish now I had waited to find a nicer one.
If you're looking for a Halloween costume, you might want to check out some of the vintage clothing and hats scattered around the booths here.
Step Back in Time also carries a nice selection of milk paint in various colors.
It's a fun place to poke around in on a lazy afternoon.


Fraochán said...

Oh oh oh I love that place. Got a great deal on some 1800s era Mason Jars. We have been in there a few times, and the vendors do a great job of having a diversity of products.

By the way - what is milk paint? I feel stupid asking.

Jeep2000 said...

I don't know much about milk paint, but it always attracts my attention when I'm there. I wish I had something to paint!
Milk paint is billed as environmentally friendly and chemically safe paint. Actually, reading up here (and I think this is the same brand they carry at Step Back in Time) milk paint has a long and interesting history:

Fraochán said...

Learn something new everyday.


I thought maybe you were referring to milk glass pieces. tehehe