Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ponte Vecchio

One of my parents' favorite restaurants to visit is Ponte Vecchio in Sheridan Village.
Yes, this restaurant is in a strip mall, but once inside it's pretty easy to forget that.
Ponte Vecchio is under new ownership, for about the past year or so. The gentleman who owns it now has a passion for wine, and we have had some good discussions about wine with him, and have tried some great wines in the restaurant.
I was on a kick for a while and every time I went in, if they had butternut squash ravioli, that's what I ordered. It's very good and has a hint of nutmeg. It's also very rich.
StfRon of course likes to have the lasagna. And we always start our meal with some bread, olive oil and Parmesan.
There are several seafood and pasta dishes to choose from, plus chicken and steak. Sandwiches have recently been added to the lunch menu.
Each time we have visited, lunch or dinner, the service has always been good, and the food delightful as well.

August, 2009 — Ponte Vecchio has closed.


Jennifer said...

I haven't been there in forever, but I love butternut squash ravioli, so we'll have to go eat there soon.

Diane Vespa said...

A friend of mine who owns her own
business has her office Christmas party there every year. We have a blast and the staff there treats us like family. Last year because of a scheduling conflict she had to have it somewhere else and it just wasn't the same. Everyone missed Ponte Vecchio!

Matt said...

In my opinion, Ponte Vecchio is one of the very finest restaurants in the area. It has been my 'occasion' restaurant for many years, and the 'new' owner seems like a great guy. He's very friendly and genuinely seems like he enjoys running the business.

My favorite dish is the filet with the amaretto sauce. Delish!