Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Flame

A guest posting! After I had lunch at a local place, Jeep asked that I contribute- so here goes!

The Flame is housed in the old A&W Drive In in Metamora. The building, while completely unique, still holds hints of it's past kitschy greatness. I dined on a Friday lunch, and found that we were seated quite promptly. Immediately, a very happy gent asked for our drink order. As it turns out, this was the owner, Tony Asani, who made no fewer than 3 more visits at our table.

The waitress soon came by, and offered up the special, meatloaf. Both me and my co-worker decided this was the way to go. A small up charge of 50 cents allowed a salad to be selected over the soup of the day. I chose Bleu cheese dressing, as I always do. While waiting for our salads, a waitress announced that there was no more chili, and that the last bowl had been dished out. This made me second guess my selection of salad over the chili, as I heard several comments regarding the wonderful chili.

The salad arrived, it was a standard plate salad of iceberg lettuce. Nothing special, except the dressing was obviously home made, a nice change from the myriad of Sysco manufactured dressings flooding the area.

Then came a huge, heaping mound of meatloaf, stacked on top of bread. The brown gravy flooding the entire plate, with a huge portion of home made (lumpy!!) mashed potatoes. I only sampled the potatoes, as I knew the meatloaf was enough for my meal. The entire meal was basking in the glory of home made goodness.

Overall, it was a decently priced meal, with great quality of food. The owners happy go-lucky attitude, and his obvious love for his restaurant, make this place a top notch choice.

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