Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fred's Shoe Repair

I've heard Fred's Shoe Repair being mentioned a few times lately while out and about, and decided it was high time I gave Fred some kudos.
Located at 2613 N. University Street in Peoria, Fred's is a great source for all things shoe related, and then some.
I heard a college student talking about how he takes his luggage to Fred's for zipper repairs, and also has his shoes spiffed up there.
We used to live down the street from the University location, and StfRon took some pricey Shoes for Crews work shoes in to Fred's for some stretching as they were a little too tight.
Have some suede or leather items that have seen better days? I'll bet Fred's can help.
Need some sole? Try Fred's.
Fred's also does shoe dyeing and carries shoe care supplies.

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newsanchormom said...

I haven't been to Fred's yet, but there is this little shoe repair shop, and then some, by Big Lots on Knoxville in Peoria. The guy's name is Jeff and he does fabulous work and is very inexpensive. I would highly recommend him. My husband's dress shoes are lastly much longer now that we found him!