Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend update

It's Monday, so we're back to the daily grind. At least we had an enjoyable weekend.
Saturday we stopped in at Khaki Jacks in Peoria where I enjoyed an ostrich burger and StfRon had a taz burger. I love the pickles they serve there, and they also have very good French fries. I also gained some omega-3s while waiting for my meal because I couldn't resist having a couple of handfuls of peanuts from the bucket on our table.
Sunday we had Chicago dogs at Vertucci's Chicago Style Eats in East Peoria. The Sunday special was a Chi-town dog and chips for $3.75, which tided us over until a nice dinner at my parents' house; coq au vin and chocolate rum bundt cake. My mom also whipped up a killer salad from a Paula Deen cookbook we gave her for Christmas, with hearts of palm, walnuts and strawberries, topped with an excellent balsamic dressing.
We did make a stop at Maurie's in Pekin for some candy. They have great toffee, and they also carry one of my favorites, the Trolli gummi raspberries.
We noticed a new sign and some activity at the former Katie's Café in Washington for a place called Maria's that will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We hope to check it out shortly after they open.
Leading up to the weekend, I did get to enjoy lunch at the Penguin Tap in Peoria Heights. I tried the special, a cup of chicken noodle soup chock full of carrots, celery and noodles and a roast beef sandwich, served with mayo and pickles for $5.25.
StfRon and I also stopped in at Thanh Linh in Peoria for the buffet late in the week. The place was packed even at 11:45, but we got a table fairly quickly and the buffet was well stocked.
I also ordered hot tea, which was a surprising floral blend served in a porcelain tea pot. It was very good, and I was hesitant to give up our table before the whole pot was gone.

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