Friday, February 29, 2008

Long week round up

This week I looked forward to going to a newer restaurant in East Peoria for lunch, but things didn't work out my way.
Instead, I ended up downtown at the Adams Street Café in Peoria, which is no sacrifice.
Walking in a little past the lunch rush, 12:30 or so, I noticed chicken and wild rice soup in a bread bowl as one of the specials, so I placed my order, only to find out they were out of bread bowls.
I went with a back up choice of a "twist on tuna": tuna salad with bacon and cheese on a croissant, and chose the homemade deli chips as my side.
The tuna salad was very good, spiced with a fair dose of black pepper, and this lunch came accompanied by the chips and a nice pickle spear.
For my dining pleasure, Willy Wonka was playing on DVD on the screen over the side counter, with Gene Wilder as the star.
I eyed the dessert lineup several times, from the lemon cake to some awesome looking cookie/brownie bars, but held off for the time being.
I'll be back soon enough.


Fraochan said...

I'm so jealous...TUNA! Nothing is better then a freshly made tuna sandwhich! yum!

Nomer said...

I love the fact that they make their own chips, but they are often overseasoned. All in all, it's a great little spot in a convenient spot on Adams.