Friday, February 15, 2008

Round up

This week I enjoyed some hummus and pita bread at Pita's Mediterranean Wraps in Peoria. The place was hopping at noon on a Monday. StfRon had a gyro, and I tried some of his fries. They were skin on thin cut fries, and were crisp and wonderful.
I also enjoyed a good lunch at Hi-Ho Mongolian Grill in Peoria. This tasty concoction was all my doing, because I picked out all the veggies, a little bit of noodles and some chicken, doused it with three dippers of garlic sauce, one dipper of pepper sauce and a half dipper of sesame oil, and it turned out to be wonderful. I also see that they now have a liquor license.

Out and about, I see that Euro Jacks is under new management, and it looks like they have discontinued breakfast there.
I also saw in the Journal Star, and then on the local blogosphere, that Red Zin is closing. I had many good holiday and special occasion meals there, and will be sorry to see the place go.

Somewhere I had heard that Joe Metzka was playing at River Beach Pub in Rome this Saturday night, but now don't see it on his schedule. I'll have to get the scoop, because we were planning to check it out.
I'll post a weekend recap later, as tonight we're hitting the local scene to try and get in for a Valentine's dinner, I have to hit a local shop for an early birthday gift, and we're heading west for a little shopping and dining, too.

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