Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend happenings

Friday we headed right over to Sky Harbor in Peoria as soon as we left work, and didn't have trouble getting a table that early for our Valentine's dinner.
I had my usual, the petite filet. I asked for it medium rare, and it came out medium, but it didn't bother me. The meat was cooked wrapped in bacon, and the steak was extremely tender, as usual, and very good. I went with the red potatoes as my side, which were herbed and buttered. These were good also, but by that point I was a little too full to eat more than one of them.
Our meals also came with salads, which seemed a little smaller than the last time we were in, but it's not like we went away hungry. I tried the poppyseed dressing, which is homemade, and found it to be sweet and chock full of poppyseeds.
StfRon had his usual as well, the ribs, but was a little disappointed in the amount of sauce on them. He also had the au gratin potatoes. At Sky Harbor, the au gratins are not sweet, but are cheesy and hearty.
Our waitress was on the ball and unobtrusive. One thing we appreciate about Sky Harbor is the fact that they have busboys, and these guys are johnny on the spot with water and whisking away empty plates almost as soon as you set them aside. We also had the treat of having owner Daryl stop by our table to see how things were.

Saturday we stopped at Holland's Mercantile in Washington to check out the candy selection. They did have the Haribo gummi raspberries, which is what my heart had desired for Valentine's candy, so I got a small bag and ate them right up.
We went next door to Touch of Homespun in Washington, where I saw the addition of several coffee drinks and coffee candies, which would make great gifts. They are also carrying several of the fun Accoutrements items, some of which crack me up.
I headed downstairs to the toy store (the place is kind of new, and I can't think of the name right now, but I'll check it out) in search of a certain neat made in USA gift StfRon saw somewhere, but he can't remember where. We have found the gift online, and I want to buy it for a new baby joining my bro and sister-in-law's family this summer, but I will keep looking locally for a while.
We then headed to The Blend in Washington to pick up some fresh coffee beans for my brother's upcoming birthday. I was in search of some fresh snickerdoodle coffee, but all they had was decaf, so I decided to try the cinnamon stick variety instead.
Turns out Joe Metzka did not play Saturday night at River Beach Pub, but is supposed to play March 22. We'll try to catch that one, but we have another band we'd like to see that night as well.

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Hotz' said...

Looking forward to a personal tour of the wonderful shops in downtown Washington....I love towns with active squares