Friday, August 03, 2007

Childer's Eatery

Childer's Eatery, 3312 N. University in Peoria, is a family restaurant. Despite all the years it's been around, I finally stepped in this summer for the first time.
StfRon and I dropped by Childer's for lunch. The menu is filled with breakfast choices, sandwiches and dinners. A sesame chicken salad with thai dressing caught my eye. For some reason, any meat or fish covered in sesame seeds appeals to me.
This salad featured greens topped with plenty of chicken dipped in egg and then rolled in loads of sesame seeds. The thai dressing was good, and there were also mandarin oranges and nuts in the salad. A nice, filling lunch.
StfRon went with the Memphis sampler, which he had with a sweet potato mash type dish and homemade chips. The Memphis sampler was good, as were both of the sides.
Childer's has many specials, which are listed on signs posted near the ceiling, wrapping around the room. Many of them sounded very tasty.
I'm sure we'll be back for lunch.

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Jennifer said...

You should try breakfast, if you have a chance. Everything is really good, and it's nice to spend money at a locally owned breakfast place rather than IHOP, Denny's or the like...