Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gil's Supper Club

A couple of friends I used to work with always raved about chicken from Gil's Supper Club, located on Main Street in Hanna City. Leaving Wildlife Prairie Park one time last fall, I convinced StfRon to swing by to check out the place for dinner.
Gil's is a family restaurant, operating since 1962.
We lucked out by stopping in on a Wednesday, when fried chicken is the dinner special. There were several people waiting, but when we went up to the podium and were asked "smoking or non" we said it didn't matter, and were seated right away. We hang out in bars where smoking is common, so we figured no big deal. WRONG. Next time we will wait for non smoking. It seemed like everyone in the dining room was smoking, and you could really tell.
We both tried the fried chicken dinners, and the chicken was very good. We also saw people eating fritters, which perked me up.
Growing up in Chillicothe, every once in a while my parents would get us Weaver's chicken for dinner, complete with corn fritters, deep fried balls of dough with corn mixed in, topped with powdered sugar. Excellent! My mom would also break out the Fry Daddy from time-to-time and whip up her own corn fritters, which were great.
Seeing the fritters at Gil's, I had to try them. We ordered a small batch, and were told the fritters were pumpkin, in honor of fall. Interesting. Then we tasted them. Oh, baby! They were wonderful. So great, in fact, that we ordered one dozen to go and ate about three more each on the drive home.
Now that fall is nearing, I find myself thinking of Gil's and their pumpkin fritters. It won't be long before we can partake of them again!


Fraochán said...

We always drive by there and are always shocked at how many cars there are there....and the people lined up outside waiting to get in! We figured it must be good! Haven't stopped there yet...but have wanted to. Thanks for the heads up about the smoking section - we try to avoid smoking sections at all costs - something we won't have to worry about about Jan. 1! yay! *winks*

Froachan said...

We were finally able to eat at Gil's last night with the IS good! I had friend chicken - yum yum....everyone enjoyed their food, except for one stubborn dining partner...who thought his prime rib was "okay"....(he's a fan of Club LaCon's Prime Rib in Lacon, IL).
The desert was awesome, I had carrot cake and it was HUGE and HOMEMADE! I had to bring half of it home due to it's size!

Jeep2000 said...

Sounds great! I'm about due for another visit out there!
StfRon is very picky about prime rib, but we have not tried it at Gil's yet.