Friday, August 31, 2007

Doggone dandy!

This post is going to the dogs, literally!
Give some extra love to your canine companion this holiday weekend. Take Pete to one of the dog parks in the area:

• Morton - Morton Dog Park, free, small and large enclosure, wooded and shaded. Take 74 to the southbound Morton exit. Turn right in front of Wal-Mart (Courtland). Continue straight until the stop sign. At the stop sign, turn left on to Main St. Cross the railroad tracks. The dog park and ample parking is located on the left just before the curve.

• Peoria - Kickapoo Creek Dog Run - Large field with a creek. Farmington Road to Kickapoo Creek Road.

• Macomb - Macomb Dog Park. Fenced. Located in Patton Park on the corner of Ward and Grant.
After the dog park, how about some fancy treats for Trixie:

• Peoria - My Dog's Bakery at the Metro Centre, toys and homemade treats


Kevin Lowe said...

Our dog loves you for the suggestion . . . but he's just not well-behaved enough to partake of the dog parks.

Fraochán said...

Yea M-town's dog park is kinda disappointing. Well - then again - what should I really expect. It's just a small fenced in area full of "mounds". (Yea...even though their is a place to put the "mound" after your dog dog his duty - I guess that is too much work for some people.) But if you don't have a yard - it's a great place to go. But then again...if you don't have a yard - why do you have a dog? hahahaahahahaa!

Great post! Love knowing about doggy stuff cuz our dog is SPOILED!

ankur said...

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