Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Java Jolt

I remember the little coffee hut going up in the parking lot of the old Eagle grocery store on N. Knoxville Ave. in Peoria, later to be the Leath furniture store; now the large building is probably vacant again.
This Java Jolt coffee shop in the parking lot is so cute, just a little stop to drive up and zip away with one of your favorite beverages.
Later, I heard tales of an extreme toffee coffee concoction that StfRon would partake in from the Java Jolt located in the bank building at 230 SW Adams in Peoria. By the way he talked about this coffee, it sounded like crack or something.
Just last week, I mentioned the extreme toffee coffee to my friend Minney, and she also went into fits about how good it is.
I have heard that the bank Java Jolt location also has flat-screen TVs.
Personally, I have never been to the Java Jolt, only due to the locations not being convenient to where I am, but it sounds like the place is right up my alley. It's on my list to check out.

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steven edward streight said...

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Love your blog. What a neat idea, to blog about local businesses. You should be able to sell ads here, friend!