Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spotted Cow

I remember the Spotted Cow from my high school days. It was a small store on Prospect in Peoria Heights, and when it would rain hard, water would leak in from the ceiling into buckets on the floor. We're talking probably close to 18 years ago now.
My friends and I would stop in often for a homemade ice cream treat, either mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, or Oreo cookie for me. At some point they expanded and got a nice, newer location on Prospect with lots of cow decorations throughout, including cow spots on the tile floor. I would stop in for lunch over the last 8 years, as it was close to work. I wouldn't have ice cream with lunch, but a chocolate Coke would be my treat to myself.
In 2006, the Spotted Cow built a free-standing building complete with outdoor seating at 718 W. Glen and moved out of Peoria Heights. I made it in last week to pick up some carryout, and check out the new digs.
I like the funky Formica they used in the new building, and the shiny tin ceiling tiles. The place is bright, fresh and new. Lots of cow decor still graces the walls and chairs throughout.
I ordered a homemade Italian beef sandwich with cheese and peppers, and two chili dogs for StfRon. I also threw in a chocolate malt for good measure. The menu still features selections from the Heights location, like the tuna melt and cakes, plus new additions like burgers and fries.
You can also catch the Spotted Cow at their hospital café, or with their mobile ice cream cart at events like the free CILCO concerts at Lakeview Museum.
As for this visit, my Italian beef was juicy and well-seasoned, and StfRon pronounced the chili dogs a hit. The chocolate malt was so thick I couldn't get it through the straw at first, but once I did, all was good.


Fraochán said...

yum yum! We like to "splurge" eat from time to time....and you just made me HUNGRY! ;)

StfRon said...


James said...

We love the spotted cow. We discovered recently that they sell takeout, a bit expensive, but still worth it. Especially if you get it in the three gallon increments. You can get three gallons of spotted cow ice cream for about the price of Breyer's when it's not on sale in the store, and accomplish two things: support a local business (yay!) and get better ice cream.

And they'll sell the three gallons in 1/2 gallon increments, so you'll get six (as many different as you want) hand scooped half gallons of spotted cow. We don't do this often, but we've decided it's the only ice cream we're buying here in town now. The current price just went up, and it's $35 for the 3 gallons. Bryers is normally $6 for their 1.75 quart (a size change that still makes me mad, btw) not on sale, or $36 for something approaching 3 gallons.

Kevin Lowe said...

I remember the old location in Peoria Heights. I went there a couple of times during high school. I remember they had a contest to name their cow mascot. I submitted, "Mom, the Cow." It didn't win. Nor did I ever tell my mom about the submission (and let's hope she's not into reading local blogs!). It sounded good at the time, coming from the mind of a bratty, young kid.

Jeep2000 said...

OMG! That's TERRIBLE about Mom the Cow!
And I never considered buying gallons of ice cream to go. An awesome idea, and a great way to support a great local biz!