Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cookie Shack

When I lived at the corner of McClure and University in Peoria, my travels sent me past the Cookie Shack at 3034 N. Wisconsin many times, but I never ventured in.
A few months ago, StfRon stopped by to see me at work with a box of cookie delights from the Cookie Shack! In this box of goodies were chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, double chocolate cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, and thumbprint cookies. The snickerdoodles were awesome, as were all the rest.
On Wednesdays, the Cookie Shack will give a free cookie to seniors. Not a cookie connoisseur? They also have cakes, pies and more and will deliver any order over $50.
Stop by and spread some cookie love, or catch them at the Peoria Riverfront Market.


Fraochán said...

No free cookies for those under 50? booohooooo!

hehe. I have never heard of this place...time for me to have the coffee addict (who also happens to be a sugar addict) jump on by the next time we are in Peoria. ;)

Floyd said...

That place is still open??

Consider me there!

Anonymous said...

Yes! still open...

did you know they have a website? google "the cookie shack"! :-)

not only do they have yummy cookies, but a great variety of pies and cakes.

everyone at our office knows about them and we frequently bring them in as treats (birth occasions, etc.)