Tuesday, April 08, 2008


We recently had one of our cars serviced, which included checking tire pressure and various other things.
Driving the car a couple of days last week, I thought the back driver's side tire was starting to look low. I mentioned it to StfRon, but I don't think he looked at it. In his defense, I do have a flat tire paranoia of sorts, at times even waking up from a dead sleep in a panic thinking my Jeep's tire is flat.
But, this time, I was probably onto something.
When we checked out of our hotel Sunday morning and loaded up the suitcase, StfRon noticed the back driver's side tire was almost completely flat.
We asked an employee in the parking lot if there was a service station nearby. The man said yes, two blocks over.
We carefully drove to the station, only to find they were out of business. Luckily there was still an air machine that accepted quarters. Of course, all we had was two quarters, but hopefully it would be enough to get us somewhere else.
Nope. The machine had seen better days, and would not make a good enough seal around the valve to air up the tire.
StfRon went into auto mechanic role (he is soooo not the mechanic type) and gamely put the spare on the car. Upon inspection, we did notice a screw head embedded in the tire.
We made it home on the spare and tried our trusty Washington service center, Brecklin's, at 119 Walnut, just off the square. I knew they were open Sundays, and thought we had even had my Jeep tires patched there on a Sunday before.
Sure enough, the attendant said he could work on the tire, and would give us a call when it was ready.
Turns out there was a screw and a nail in the tire, but an hour or so later and $10 lighter, we were driving on the tire again. Seems to be holding up fine so far, but I will keep a watchful eye on it.
Beats shelling out for a new tire right now, since we just sunk a large amount of money into service and repairs for the car.
Kudos to Brecklin's for tire patching on Sundays, and for rescuing us once again!


Hotz' said...

LOL you are funny! Don't you have a tire gauge? Perhaps a Christmas present in the future? *giggles*

But it's a good thing the foreign objects were in the tread and not the sidewall....or you would have had to buy a new tire!

dining companion said...

I have to agree with the soooo not mechanical part! I am a bit surprised his "emergency" mechanic didn't recieve a call!! Sounds like it was a great weekend - I am jealous!