Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fish House

I can't believe that apparently I haven't devoted an entry to the Fish House yet.
I had the best birthday dinner there a couple of years ago. It was a complete blast!
The Fish House has been serving fine seafood at 4919 N. University Street in Peoria since 1976.
The atmosphere is one of almost cabin-like coziness, with lots of dark wood and sedate lighting throughout the restaurant.
The bar has a nice cozy feel as well. Not so much one where we'd hang out just for drinks, but we have passed some nice times waiting for tables there bellied up to the lounge bar.
I've had many great seafood meals there, from the tuna to the grouper Oscar. StfRon, not so much of a seafood fan, enjoys their filet. They also have au gratin potatoes as a side dish choice, always creamy, cheesy and a little sweet.
On our most recent visit, a couple of weeks ago, we met up with some family and a friend for dinner.
StfRon and I both had the pistachio crusted sea bass. The crust was enjoyable and the dish was well-prepared, but apparently I'm not a big sea bass fan. I guess I prefer a meatier sort of fish.
The halibut my dad had looked great.
Our service on this visit, as usual, was very good. I would also assume that the Fish House is a pretty good place to work, considering the bar staff has been the same for as long as I can remember.


Anonymous said...

Fish doesn't get any meatier than sea bass. Maybe you had something else.

Jeep2000 said...

We ordered the sea bass. Maybe meatier wasn't the best description ;)
Drier, perhaps?

Kitt said...

jeep2000, my husband and I have found that the fish house can be hit or miss at times but I so adore their oysters rockefeller and au gratins that we have found our way back at least a half dozen times. overall good experience. but a week ago we were exiting the fish house and we struck up a conversation with 2 other exiting couples who were talking about a restaurant named jill's on galena road. one couple somewhat enjoyed it but thought it was expensive, the other couple didn't enjoy it and thought it expensive. have you ever eaten there? i don't see a review. btw, cool site. we've only be in the area a couple of months and have used your site as a dining guide.

Jeep2000 said...

Thanks for the comments, Kitt.
I have not been to Jill's yet, but would like to try it. I keep seeing ads for their wine dinners, and they seem like they would be interesting.