Monday, April 07, 2008

Track Inn

This weekend we finally found ourselves in Chillicothe briefly while an antique store we've been wanting to visit was actually open.
After looking through the shop, we stepped out onto the sidewalk and smelled the tantalizing aroma of bacon. We could tell it was coming from the Track Inn, and, since we were looking at a two hour ride once we got in the car, decided now was as good a time as any to grab a bite.
I know my grandma took me to eat at the Track Inn, located at 1815 N. Santa Fe Drive, once, I would have to say well over 15 years ago.
The place has actually been a restaurant for over 100 years. I dare say there's no place else in Chillicothe that can claim that.
I'm sure times were much more prosperous for the site when there was an Amtrak stop right down the street.
The decor is simple, with some railroad memorabilia and news clippings on the walls.
I was up for some breakfast, so I ordered corned beef hash, scrambled eggs and some wheat toast. StfRon went for the small tenderloin, fries and cole slaw.
The slaw showed up almost immediately, and my husband really enjoyed it, especially due to the caraway.
When our food arrived, the word "small" describing the tenderloin almost seemed laughable. But, in comparison to the regular sized one, I'm sure this one was small, despite hanging an inch or two out of the bun here and there.
The loin was hand battered, and full of tenderloiny tastiness.
My breakfast was good and arrived at the table hot, which is always a plus. I hate lukewarm eggs. I decided not to make a pig of myself and didn't clean my plate.
The prices were quite reasonable, and when we were at the register to pay our bill, I checked out a few of the framed stories gracing the walls. I also noticed that the Track Inn is known for pies. I probably could have made room for a slice, or a shared slice, but with what was to come later that day, I'm glad I didn't! I'll keep those pies, and the made from scratch soups in mind, though.

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Hotz' said...

YUM! We went and ate at the Track Inn about 6 months ago...and the time of day was mid-afternoon so the biz was only half full...but trust me - this place is BOOMING especially in the mornings. I used to go there for breakfast here and there in the mornings...quite the hangout during that time frame for the retirement crowd. We got to talking to one of workers while we were there - and she said they remodeled the place in the last few years - a BIG upgrade from what it was, say even ten years ago....but you really can't beat their breakfast nor the prices. I *heart* track inn. :)

Oh - and I know which antique store you speak of - they are tricky to find open...