Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday fodder

Local biz news noted this week:

Looks like perhaps the sign at Fedora's at McClure and University in Peoria took a tumble. On my way by early this week, I saw a police officer looking at the sign laying on the sidewalk. On my way back, there was no sign of said sign.

The Rhythm Kitchen Music Café in Peoria is advertising Sunday brunch.

Tried to have lunch at Euro Jack's in downtown Peoria Thursday only to find the doors locked. Maybe the new management has discontinued serving lunch.

We're all set to try the brunch at the River Station in Peoria for Mother's Day, despite a recent fire. So glad it was caught early!

Friday evening I heard that perhaps River Station won't be open for Mother's Day. In any case, my mom is investigating other options. I hope to try the River Station brunch soon.

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